Looking for lower Market Risk and more Consistency in Returns?

Learn how the Covered Call Strategy can be used as an Income Strategy for your Investment Portfolio


If you want to know anything about the Covered Call Strategy, I'm the guy who can give you all the ins and outs!

For the last decade, I have been managing Private Portfolios and an Investment Fund focussed on the Covered Call (also known as the Buy Write) strategy.

FREE Stock Market Income Strategy Course 

Join me in a FREE course on the Covered Call strategy approach, where I outline how this strategy can be used in your investment portfolio as a great alternative to Bonds and Dividend portfolios.

During This Course You Will Learn:

Lesson 1: Why we use the Covered Call Strategy in our Investment Portfolios

For investors searching for lower Risk/consistency in returns, the traditional approach has been to include Bonds or a Dividend approach to their portfolio. In lesson 1, we review the Covered Call strategy against these strategies and compare that to the broader market.

Lesson 2: What type of results are achievable

Too often I find investors basing their expectations for return on unrealistic results. One trade does not form a benchmark! In this lesson we review what is a realistic expectation for trading returns with the Covered Call strategy.

Lesson 3: The basis of a Trading Plan for managing the strategy

The age old question of "What stock to buy" is addressed in lesson 3. The Covered Call requires two actions: Buying stock and Selling a Call option. In this lesson, we review how you choose a position to enter.

Lesson 4: Alternatives to the Covered Call for Time Poor investors, or smaller investment accounts

There is the "Vanilla Approach" to managing Covered Calls, or there is a Professional Approach. You need to "walk before you can run", so unless you can manage the Vanilla Approach, you shouldn't be adopting more intricate strategies. More potential for return means more potential for risk! In Lesson 4, we look at alternative methods in managing the Covered Call for your portfolio.

Lesson 5: How you can get started with this strategy

In the final lesson for this series, we outline what it will take for you to adopt the Covered Call into your investment portfolio.

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