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Covered Call Recommendations


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Take the guess work out of your Covered Call portfolio

Tired of spending countless hours reading through stock reports, analysing options and crunching the numbers? Not sure how to balance out your portfolio, or gain an edge on current market activity?

At Stock Market Empowerment, we provide monthly recommendations for Covered Call positions, with courses of action and management decisions.

Covered Call Strategy Course

The SME Covered Call Strategy Course is suitable for beginner investors and for those with some experience but who are not achieving the consistency they desire in their portfolio management.

Through this course, you have access to lessons to teach you the key concepts required for you to manage this strategy for yourself. Through your journey, you are supported with live tutorials, and a private/active members group. We share with you our monthly Covered Call portfolio and provide guidance on the management of these positions.

1 On 1 Coaching

If you’re looking for a more personal approach of education and help, 1 on 1 coaching might be more suitable for you.

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