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Matthew is a 20-year veteran of the markets. Aside from holding roles as a Funds Manager, Derivatives Advisor, and Lead Analyst, Matt has written hundreds of articles for various firms, developed educational material and presented at hundreds of events to thousands of people throughout the Asia/Pacific area. MatthewBrownMentoring.com is a vehicle where Matt can provide his views and opinions on market investing and trading, drawing on his successful 20 years in the industry. He hopes to provide a professionals approach to the ‘home’ investor/trader so they can achieve financial success, realistically and safely.

Is this the Bottom of the Stock Market Fall?

This is the most frequently asked question I get when the markets decline sharply, or around that magical 10% level – or what is commonly referred to as a “Correction”. Memories of the big stock market crashes such as the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2007/08, the 2000 Tech Bubble, 1997 Asian Currency Crisis,

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Ever been blindsided with a surprise announcement?

In Australia, we refer to this as being “King hit” from behind. It’s a cowards way of felling an enemy without facing them. And from time to time, that’s just how it feels in the markets when a surprise announcement hits. You get King Hit from behind! Over 20 years, I’ve seen thousands of

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Earnings Season. What does it mean, and how does it influence stock performance?

Every quarter, US companies are required to present a financial report to the SEC and subsequently the public, showing the financial performance of the company for a specific time period. An earnings release date is scheduled for a specific date, with the company then issuing an earnings estimate for the upcoming time period (typically

Are you in the 90% of Traders who lose money?

When it comes to personally managing money in the stock market, the plain fact is that most investors and traders end up losing. How do I know this? I’ve spent the last 20 years managing money and teaching stock market strategy. See, it doesn’t matter what the ‘gurus’ might tell you, or the perception

Start building a Defensive Portfolio because this Bull Market won’t last!

The current Bull market is the second longest in history, but is it coming to an end? The 10% decline early in the year hasn’t yet found its feet to resume the long-term Bull market. And while that alone doesn’t mean we will see a Bearish change, it does spark some concerns for how

Stock Market Cash flow Strategies you can adopt for Retirement

When it comes to stock market retirement strategies, there are a multitude that you can adopt. But there are two key things all investors want: to limit Risk and to make Money. Returns are created either through Capital Growth or through Cash flow. And the performance in either correlates

The 3 Telltale signs a Stock Market Crash is just around the corner

The January 2018 stock market correction was a wake-up call! A 10% fall in 2 trading days was a reminder that complacency can quickly be replaced with angst and panic. Over the last 100 years of the modern stock markets’ historical performance, there have been numerous crashes and corrections that provide us with more

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Analytics – Volatility: the Secret to the Stock Market

Ever wondered why the markets did this, or reacted in that way? Have you been looking for some way to gain insight into stock market behaviour? Analytics explains what has happened, and why prices are where they are right now. There are methods that are deemed ‘predictive’, but as with anything that is looking

Strategy Review – Buy the Dip v Buy High Sell Higher

The perfect entry point into a trade can be a debatable topic. Is there a method to pick an ideal entry point? Nothing is guaranteed in the markets, so my opinion is that you need to find consistency in a methodology that has a higher probability of return over trying to get it 100%

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Do you have what it takes to be Successful in the Stock Market?

Money just doesn’t magically appear and overnight you are wealthy! To create wealth from the markets, there are a number of key elements. Focusing on one and not the collective is a surefire way of losing money in the markets. But if you grasp the broader concepts that many overlook, you will have boundless

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