Hi, and welcome to Matthew Brown Mentoring!

If you’re here at my website, you’re most likely here due to a few reasons:

  • looking for some assistance in understanding the Covered Call (or Buy Write) strategy;
  • you need help in managing your investment portfolio. Maybe you’re not achieving the results you think you should be making; or,
  • you want to fast track your learning journey with some personal coaching.

To be successful in the markets, you need Knowledge; Experience; Process; and a Conditioned Mindset. I’ve had more than 20 years developing my skills in each of these areas!

  • Through my Covered Call Recommendations service, you can trade along side me with the Covered Call positions I am managing.
  • Or, if you want to learn how to manage this strategy yourself, you can sign up for my course where you will learn all the tricks and tools I’ve developed over the years.
  • And for a select few, I work personally with you through my coaching program, helping you develop the right skills to take charge of your financial future.

Why I am able to provide you with guidance and help in the Markets

I’ve been in the industry since 1998, in roles including Funds Manager, Derivatives Advisor, Trader, Broker and Market Strategist.

When I first joined the industry, I was trained as a Technical Analyst (or Chartist). This was at a time when TA/Charting was still considered an ‘extreme’ analytical method. Computers were still using 128k dial-up modems, and software would take hours to update data, let alone run algorithms and trading plans.

After 20 years, it’s a different world now!

And in those 20 years, you could say I’ve learnt a few things. And that’s where my Recommendations Service, Course, and Mentoring comes in.

iTrade. iManage Money. iTeach. iMentor.

My very first day on the job was all about trading. Thrown into the deep end, I was making trades within weeks of starting my career. But that was only after hundreds of hours being put to the test in ‘back-trading’ and testing systems and mathematics for my mentor.

Yes, I had a mentor too. Bruce Barnard was a wonderful mentor and friend. When I was taken under his wing as a student, he was considered New Zealands most experienced Technical Analyst (in fact was the only qualified person in the country at the time).

Bruce taught me a great deal about charting and technical analysis, but as all students, you still need to pave your own path. And since then, I have made it my focus to improve my trading, my portfolio management, and ultimately my results.

The markets and the investing world are a numbers game, but there is an “art” to how markets flow.

Money is personal!

I believe that there isn’t one strategy that fits all. But I also believe that Anyone can make money from the markets. To do so, there are key elements you need to understand (but not necessarily master!).

The markets are systematic, fused with uncertainty. And with this in mind, understanding a number of key factors and developing sound strategic approaches will breed success. You just need to be provided the path to success, and you have to execute. Nothing worth achieving is handed to you on a platter.

So again, welcome to MatthewBrownMentoring.

I know there will be something on my site that will give you an “A-HA” moment, or will provide you with one amazing point that will influence your future investing success.

All the best

Matthew (your new trading buddy) Brown.